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10 Outdoor Workout Ideas that you can Follow

Written by Aman pandya · Updated 23/09/2021

    10 Outdoor Workout Ideas that you can Follow

    Health experts suggest everyone must indulge in workout to boost overall health. Because not only it enhances your physique, but it also boosts organ functioning. And what’s better than a fun outdoor workout that gets you some fresh air?

    However, there’s always a confusion about what to do, how to start, and from where. And to help you, in this article, we list various outdoor workout ideas that are not only beneficial for your health, but also profitable for your pocket.

    Outdoor workout ideas that you can easily follow

    1. Swimming

    Swimming is one of the best ways to challenge the body with overall workout and enjoy nature. Health experts believe swimming helps burn calories and boosts metabolism that helps you to be in shape. Using swimming as one of your outdoor workout ideas will help you to achieve a toned and slim look. Swimming every day can be very effective. However, make sure you rinse your body before entering the pool as well as after coming out.

    2. Hiking as an outdoor workout

    Hiking helps you receive fresh oxygen, build muscle strength, and clear your mind. Experts suggest hiking helps to burn over 350 calories and tone your muscles in the best way. Also, experts believe early morning hiking can provide fresh air and oxygen beneficial for your organs and tissues. Therefore, hiking is the best option if you are a nature-lover and not a die-hard gym workout enthusiast.

    3. Beach volleyball as an outdoor workout

    For many of you, playing volleyball may be mandatory when you are at the beach. This could be the best time when you not only enjoy the game but also enjoy the cool breeze. Experts believe playing volleyball can improve your strength and speed while boosting your moods. Doctors believe this game uses all the aspects that are required during a workout. Studies show that playing volleyball can burn up to 585 calories and reduce the risk of diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.

    4. Yoga in a park/garden

    Yoga experts believe practicing yoga is beneficial when you perform it early in the morning. Because in the morning, you receive fresh air and oxygen that is very beneficial for your overall health. Also, performing yoga outdoor helps you to connect with the earth and environment in the best way. You can ditch your yoga mat for a day and feel the grass while performing different yoga postures. Practicing yoga outdoors not only boosts your health but enhances your mood and energy that can last throughout the day. 

    5. Cycling

    Experts believe cycling for an hour can burn as much as 500 calories. This is one of the best outdoor physical workouts that boosts calorie burn, mood, respiration, and overall body fitness. Experts suggest riding a bicycle outdoors can help you in an effective way than cycling in the gym. So if you have a bicycle or can rent one, ride every day to boost your respiratory and overall health. 

    6. Running

    Studies show that running can increase good cholesterol levels that can boost functioning of lungs. Also, it improves the immune system and prevents several health conditions. Experts believe running can help women to prevent health conditions like breast cancer and heart stroke. Some doctors believe running can help prevent depression as it can manage stress and anxiety. Running for 15-20 minutes every day helps you with calorie burn, boosts confidence, and lowers the risk of developing blood clots.

    7. Skipping as an outdoor workout

    Health experts believe using jumping rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to 8 minutes of running. Also, it is one of the best weight loss technique that can burn up to 1,600 calories in an hour of jumping. According to a study, skipping can help improve your focus, stamina, and coordination. The best part about skipping is, it’s cost-effective plus no adverse effects on health. However, try skipping outdoors, probably in a garden or park, to enhance its overall effect on your mind and body.

    8. Outdoor Zumba

    Zumba is very popular dance form amongst youngsters who desire to burn calories and maintain their ripped physique. Health experts believe Zumba can help burn 600 to 1000 calories in just an hour. This dance form can help with total body toning and boost your cardiovascular health. Also, health experts believe it can help you lower your stress, reduce fatigue, improve coordination, produce more endorphins – a happy hormone, and improve overall cognitive health. However, you can give it a twist by doing Zumba in an open park or outdoor space.

    9. Kickboxing as an outdoor workout

    Kickboxing is one of the best ways to vent out your anger on the punching bag. Not only it helps relieve stress, but also tones your arms. This activity can also improve your coordination and burn over 800 calories. Studies prove that kickboxing can boost energy, confidence level, and shape your body. Try kickboxing twice or thrice a week, especially in an open space, to boost your energy level and overall fitness. 

    10. Stair-climbing

    Health experts believe stair-climbing can burn over 300 calories. Climbing a staircase twice or thrice a day can improve your stamina and keep you in good shape. Doctors recommend climbing stairs at least 20 minutes a day to improve your blood pressure, heart rate, lower mortality risk, and boost mental health. Also, it can lower stress and anxiety by boosting mood and raising the energy level in your body. Some doctors believe it can reduce headaches and may prevent diabetes. 

    These are the 10 outdoor workout ideas that are beneficial and cost-effective. Try practicing your favourite exercise every day and see how it can improve your physical and mental health.

    However, it is advisable to consult a doctor if you have any health condition or had any injuries in the past to prevent any possible complication. You can always perform these activities under the guidance of any family member or trainer.



    Written by Aman pandya · Updated 23/09/2021

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