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7 Indian Superfoods you must Know about!

Expertly reviewed by Dr. Ruby Ezekiel · होम्योपैथी · Hello Swasthya

Written by Nikita · Updated 02/09/2021

    7 Indian Superfoods you must Know about!

    Turmeric lattes, cruciferous vegetables, blueberries, olive oil, acai berries, and what not! Superfoods are taking the world (and especially social media) by storm. But do you know long before western countries discovered ‘superfoods’, India has always been a hub to superfoods? Don’t believe us? Well, remember the ‘turmeric milk’ your mom gives you when you are down with cold or fever or using neem stems to clean your teeth. As we talk about these Indian superfoods, let’s have a look at our kitchen that is power-packed with superfoods.

    Here we go!

    1. Makhana

    Makhana are the popped lotus flower seeds that look similar to popcorn but are chunky in size. These cute little white corns are also called as fox nuts. The superfood is power-packed with protein, carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium, zinc, fibre, and iron. The best part is these cotton-like balls are low in cholesterol, fat, and sodium. The low glycemic index makes it an ideal snack for those suffering from diabetes. Since it is low in sodium and high in magnesium, it is also good for people suffering from health conditions such as heart disease or obesity.

    In addition, makhanas are gluten-free. Did we tell you, makhanas have anti-ageing properties? The anti-ageing enzyme in makhanas helps to repair damaged proteins. Consuming this superfood is simple and does not require any efforts. You can consume it directly or just roast or fry them in a little ghee. You can also use makhanas in making a number of lip-smacking dishes such as kheer, pudding, etc.

    2. Amla

    Amla, also known as gooseberry, is a rich source of vitamin C and has antioxidant properties. The superfood helps to get rid of the common cold and chronic pain. It is also beneficial when it comes to building immunity and improving eyesight. Amla has anti-inflammatory properties and is beneficial to relieve joint aches. The high levels of chromium in amla help to reduce bad cholesterol and stimulate insulin production.

    It is advised to consume amla juice every day to keep blood pressure level under control. The fruit has anti-ageing benefits that help you to gain healthy skin. It also helps to prevent dandruff and slow the process of hair greying. Consume amla powder twice or thrice a day helps to fight the common cold. You can consume amla as fresh fruit, in a dry form, or as a pickle. It is one of the most beneficial Indian superfoods.

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    3. Jamun

    Jamun, also called black plum, is a sweet and sour fruit that is power-packed with numerous health benefits. The fruit is known to maintain blood sugar levels. Jamun helps to boost stomach health and helps to get rid of stomach related issues. The fruit is a rich source of fibre and helps to maintain a good digestive system. The superfood is known to boost immunity and aids in weight loss.

    Jamun is known to treat acne. It is believed applying Jamun paste helps to treat acne. All you need to do is crush Jamun seeds and add milk in it. Stir the mixture well so that it looks like a fine paste. Apply the paste on your acne-affected skin every night before going to bed and wash it the next morning. Jamun is also known to prevent wrinkles and pimples.

    4. Turmeric

    Turmeric is a spice available in every Indian household. Curcumin is the main substance in turmeric that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The spice helps to promote joint health and mobility. The superfood is helpful in promoting overall health. The curcumin in turmeric helps to improve the lining of blood vessels. The spice is a key ingredient in Indian cooking and is known to have numerous health benefits.

    The spice is known to have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. The curcumin is also known to aid longevity and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Other benefits of turmeric include maintaining blood sugar levels, optimising vitality, supporting brain health, promoting brain health, improving mood, soothing digestion, and reducing the risk of cancer.

    5. Ghee

    Ghee, also known as clarified butter, is rich in antioxidants and helps to boost digestive health. Regular consumption of ghee helps to improve digestion, boost immunity, prevent cancers, maintain heart health, and prevent skin issues. Ghee is known to treat cough. To cure cough, take a spoon of ghee directly or mix the ghee with ginger powder.

    Ghee is also beneficial in improving eyesight. Ghee is a rich source of good fats that helps to improve heart health and aid weight loss. Other health benefits of ghee include boosting immune health, relieving constipation, relieving clogged nose, maintaining intestinal health, and maintaining skin health. It is one of the Indian superfoods that are available in every Indian household. However, it must be consumed in limited proportions.

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    6. Coconut 

    Coconut is a rich source of carbohydrates and has a good amount of proteins, vitamin B, and several minerals. It also has copper and iron. You will be surprised to know that coconut has high fibre content, yes over 60 per cent. It helps to slow down the process of releasing glucose and reducing stress on the pancreas. The fruit is also known to control diabetes by improving insulin secretion. It helps to control blood sugar level.

    Coconut has kinetin and cytokinin that has anti-ageing properties. The fruit is also known to boost immunity. Consuming raw coconut helps to treat throat infection, urinary tract infection, and bronchitis. Coconut water helps to keep you hydrated. Coconut is also known to treat epilepsy, urinary tract infection, and control acidity and heartburn. Consuming coconut regularly helps to maintain oral hygiene, bone and teeth health.

    7. Ragi

    Ragi is a super grain that is power-packed with calcium. It is one of the Indian superfoods that is helpful in controlling diabetes. Ragi is a rich source of dietary fibre and helps to prevent frequent cravings. Hence, aids weight loss. The grain is also helpful in maintaining skin health. This superfood has antioxidant properties that help to fight a number of infections. It helps to maintain blood sugar levels and is proved to be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.

    Do you know about any more Indian superfoods? Let us know in the comments below!



    Expertly reviewed by

    Dr. Ruby Ezekiel

    होम्योपैथी · Hello Swasthya

    Written by Nikita · Updated 02/09/2021

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