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Complications of Hypertension that you should Know Now!

Medically reviewed by डॉ. स्नेहल सिंह · होम्योपैथी · Wellness Online Clinic Healing Arts

Written by Nikita · Updated 03/09/2021

Complications of Hypertension that you should Know Now!

Hypertension is another name for high blood pressure. This condition can lead to severe health complications like heart attack, stroke, and sometimes death. The complications of hypertension can be severe and as said, and it can be fatal sometimes. 

A person suffers from hypertension when the blood exerts too much pressure against the walls of the blood vessels. This pressure is the result of the resistance of the blood vessels along with the efforts the heart has to put in to work efficiently.

Symptoms of Hypertension

Hypertension is generally a silent condition as most people don’t experience any symptoms. Over time, this condition damages the body severely till the symptoms become obvious. Even then, these symptoms may be attributed to other issues.

Symptoms of severe hypertension can include:

  • Chest pain
  • Blood in the urine
  • Issues with vision
  • Flushing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Nosebleeds

These symptoms require immediate medical treatment.

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Complications of hypertension

Excessive pressure on the artery walls caused by high blood pressure can damage your blood vessels and body organs. If the blood pressure is high and is not controlled for a long time, the damage could be fatal. 

Uncontrollable hypertension leads to complications like:

Heart attack or stroke

Hypertension hardens and thickens the arteries, which blocks the blood circulation, leading to a heart attack or stroke. Heart attack or stroke is one of the major complications of hypertension, and thus people with high blood pressure should try to keep their BP normal. They can maintain their normal blood pressure with a healthy diet or daily exercise.


The aneurysm is one of the common complications of hypertension. Increased blood pressure causes your blood vessels to weaken and bulge, forming an aneurysm. It can be life-threatening if an aneurysm bursts.

Heart failure

The heart has to work harder to pump blood against the higher pressure in your vessels. This leads to thickening of the heart’s pumping chamber walls. This may result in a hard time to pump enough blood to meet the body’s need, leading to heart failure.

Kidney and eye problems

Hypertension can lead to weakened and narrowed blood vessels in your kidneys. This prevents kidneys to function healthily. High blood pressure causes the blood vessels in your eyes to thicken, become narrower, or even tear, leading to vision loss.  

Metabolic syndrome

This syndrome is a collection of disorders of your body’s metabolism. This includes high insulin levels, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, low high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and increased waist circumference. This condition increases your risk to develop stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.

Mental problems

Uncontrolled high blood pressure may affect your mental abilities like thinking, remembering, and learning. Memory problems and troubles in understanding concepts are most common in people with hypertension. Stress and anxiety are considered one of the factors that cause mental problems. This is the reason why you should use stress management techniques to keep complications of hypertension at bay. 


Hypertension can block or narrow your arteries that can limit blood circulation to the brain, leading to a certain type of dementia. Long-term research studies have demonstrated that hypertension in mid-life plays a major role in increasing the risk of developing dementia, particularly vascular dementia.

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Home remedies to prevent complications of hypertension

Try these home remedies to prevent high blood pressure complications.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet works wonders! All you need to do is include leafy vegetables and healthy food items in your daily meals. A healthy diet prevents high blood pressure and high blood pressure complications.

You can include these food items in your daily meal:

  • Lean proteins like fish
  • Fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Vegetables and green leafy vegetables

Indulge in daily workout

Daily workout or indulging in any physical activity helps to keep stress at bay. Stress is considered one of the major reasons behind hypertension and indulging in activities can work as a stress reliever. This can also help to lower your blood pressure and strengthen your heart.

Ensure you work out approximately 45 minutes daily (or as recommended by your doctor) to keep high blood pressure at bay and improve your overall body fitness.

Maintain your weight

Usually, high blood pressure is seen in people who are overweight or suffering from obesity. It is best to adopt a healthy diet and indulge in regular physical activity. This can help lower your blood pressure and burn unwanted fat.

Stress Management

It is important! You need to find ways to fight against stress. And the best way to do so is to indulge in some physical activities. You can try workout, swimming, dancing, running, playing with your kids and pet, performing yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and a lot more. Simply said, you can do anything that diverts your mind and lifts your mood. Try things that keep your mind away from stress and boost your energy.

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Lifestyle changes to avoid hypertension complications

You need to definitely make minor to major changes in your lifestyle in order to prevent complications of hypertension. The following are the things you need to stop and avoid as early as possible:

  • Stop smoking
  • Stop tobacco in any form
  • Stop alcohol consumption
  • Stop processed food intake
  • Stop high-calorie food intake

These are the complications of hypertension that you must know followed by easy and essential ways to prevent them. Ensure you try to adopt these preventive measures to fight against hypertension complications and improve your overall health.

Talk to your doctor and ask for a suitable diet, workout regime, and other health advice that would keep you away from these high blood pressure complications.



Medically reviewed by

डॉ. स्नेहल सिंह

होम्योपैथी · Wellness Online Clinic Healing Arts

Written by Nikita · Updated 03/09/2021

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