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10 Ways to Avoid Diabetes Complications

10 Ways to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Diabetes is a serious condition caused due to the body’s inability to produce enough insulin that can regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. Therefore, excess sugar in the blood disturbs the nerves and blood vessels, causing a number of other health conditions. These health conditions or diabetes complications can be fatal at times. However, if you take proper precautions and care, it is possible to avoid diabetes complications. In addition to proper medication and treatment, you just need to follow a few simple pieces of advice.

Here, we list 10 ways to avoid diabetes complications:

1. Quit smoking to prevent diabetes complications

Smoking disturbs the blood flow and increases blood pressure, thus increasing the risk of diabetes complications. Smoking if you have diabetes increases the risk of various health conditions including heart disease, stroke, nerve damage, kidney disease, lung cancer, and premature death. So, quit smoking to avoid diabetes complications. If you are planning to quit smoking but are unable to, talk to your doctor.

2. Take care of your feet

High blood sugar lessens the blood flow and harms the nerves in your feet. If you have any cuts or blisters, make sure you treat them immediately. If left untreated, it can cause serious harm. In some cases, you may also lose sensation in the feet. It is important to take care of your feet. You just need to follow a few simple tips including washing your feet more often with warm water. Make sure you clean the area between the toes. Once cleaned, dry your feet and moisturise it. If you have any condition of the feet, be it swelling, redness, or blisters, talk to your doctor. Regularly check your feet for any cuts or sores. Use good quality moisturiser and apply it regularly. Trim your toenails regularly. Wear good quality footwear. Taking care of your feet will help to avoid diabetes complications.

3. Monitor your diabetes to prevent diabetes complications

Monitor your blood sugar levels at regular intervals. Follow a healthy routine that includes eating healthy food, taking enough sleep, drinking enough water, and exercising regularly. Make sure you maintain a healthy weight. There are various devices that are easily available that help to check your blood sugar levels. Make sure you check your blood sugar levels thrice a day. You can even make a note of your blood sugar level every time you check. Share it with your health care professional during the next visit. Talk to your doctor if you see constant fluctuation in the blood sugar levels. In some cases, your doctor may even ask you to undergo a few other blood tests.

4. Take care of your eyes

Diabetes can have an impact on eye health. It can cause a number of eye problems including cataract, retinopathy, glaucoma, etc. It is important to protect your eyes. Eat food good for eye health. Schedule regular eye check-ups. Talk to your doctor if you experience any issues related to eyes including blurry vision, etc.

5. Exercise regularly to prevent diabetes complications

Exercise is a must for people with diabetes. It helps to control weight, counters insulin resistance, makes your muscles and bones strong, increases healthy HDL cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and improves overall health. You can even try doing aerobic exercises as they help to lower insulin resistance. Doing aerobic exercises for at least 30 minutes in a week shows better results. It is advised for those with diabetes to exercise at least two hours a week. Exercises you can include in your workout routine are walking, brisk walking, jogging, spot jogging, swimming, stretching, etc.

6. Sleep well to avoid diabetes complications

Sleep is an important factor in controlling diabetes. There is a direct relationship between diabetes and sleep. Getting plenty of sleep helps to regulate blood sugar levels. It further leads to less stress and more energy. Being sleep-deprived can lead to many unhealthy lifestyle choices including eating junk or binge eating which can cause other health conditions including obesity, heart problems, etc. It is important to sleep well and stay healthy to avoid diabetes complications.

7. Avoid consumption of alcohol

If you are an alcohol addict, it would be difficult for you to completely stop alcohol consumption. To start with, you can reduce your alcohol intake. You can talk to your doctor if you are planning to quit alcohol. Even while drinking, drink in moderation. If you use insulin, alcohol can cause low blood sugar levels, so make sure you monitor that.

8. Manage stress to prevent diabetes complications

If you are under constant stress, chances are that you might be not paying much attention to your health. Stress increases blood sugar levels. Managing stress must be the top priority when you wish to avoid diabetes complications. To manage your stress, follow a routine that includes meditation and yoga. In addition to meditation and yoga, you must also take proper care of of your health by consuming healthy food, monitoring cholesterol, reducing fat intake, and taking medications on time.

9. Talk to your doctor

Schedule a follow-up visit with your doctor at regular intervals, even if you do not experience any issues. Your doctor may examine your health to make sure you don’t have any diabetes complications. Your doctor may check your feet, eyes, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, etc. He/she may even prescribe you to undergo a few medical tests like blood tests, urine tests, etc. Make sure you don’t miss the follow-up visits as it may help you to diagnose diabetes complications that do not have any early signs and symptoms. In addition, also make sure you take vaccinations on schedule to prevent diabetes complications. Vaccinations include flu vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, and tetanus vaccine.

10. Maintain skin and oral health to avoid diabetes complications

Diabetes is more likely to affect your skin health, resulting in your skin turning red, itchy, or developing patches. It is very important to take proper care of your skin. Use good quality skincare products. After every shower, apply moisturiser on your skin. Consume food that helps to maintain skin health. It is equally important to take care of your oral health. Brush your teeth twice a day with a good toothpaste. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth after every meal. Schedule an appointment with your dentist at regular intervals. If you experience any teeth or gum issues, talk to your dentist.

If proper care is not taken, diabetes can lead to a number of health conditions including heart disease, kidney diseases, obesity, hypertension, etc. High blood sugar levels in men may also cause erection problems. Therefore, follow these tips to avoid diabetes complications of any type.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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Written by Nikita Updated 04/06/2021
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