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9 Benefits of Almonds for Men's Health

Expertly reviewed by Dr. Ruby Ezekiel · होम्योपैथी · Hello Swasthya

Written by Nikita · Updated 03/09/2021

    9 Benefits of Almonds for Men's Health

    In this stressful life, you often put your health on a back seat, failing to give it topmost priority. The urge to earn more money, own fancy cars, and flaunt fancy brands have got us all blinded by greediness. This has resulted in poor or absolutely lost focus on our physical and mental well-being, especially in men. There’s nothing wrong in having aggressive goals in your life, but at the same time it’s extremely vital to follow healthy eating habits in a disciplined fashion. Bring in some fruits, nutritious leafy greens, and dry fruits in your daily meals or snacks. And when you are talking about dry fruits, what’s better than almonds for men’s health?

    Almonds are known to be a natural superfood. If almonds are chosen as a replacement for high fat and low nutritional value snacks, they would be a boon for men of all ages. Almonds can help men attain a sturdier body and sharper mind. 

    Almonds contain minerals, protein, fibre, and vitamins, giving you enough strong reasons to pop them in your mouth anytime of the day. Talking about its nutrient value, just approximately 30 grams of almonds contain 1/8th of your daily protein requirement. Almonds are usually referred as a member of the nuts family, but they’re more of seeds instead of being an authentic nut. 

    Eat it raw, eat it roasted, or just eat it with your favourite desserts, almonds are healthy in every way. Let’s learn about some benefits of almonds for men’s health.

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    Benefits of almonds for men’s health

    1. Almonds and men’s enhanced energy

    Almonds are a rich source of various substances which are vital to enhance your energy. Riboflavin (vitamin B2), manganese, copper, and protein are what you get benefited with when you eat almonds. Almonds could contribute to uplifting performance in sports, increasing general strength, and improving endurance in men.

    2. Almonds and men’s brain power

    Studies and research have proven that almonds contain loads of nutrients that play an important role in furthering men’s brain performance and activities. All these factors and nutrients in almonds support the neurological system and reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. 

    Almonds contain vitamin B9 (folate) which helps in effective functioning of the nervous system. Looking at the brain-boosting properties of almonds, students, technology professionals, lawyers, or people in any profession which needs a lot of thinking, can highly benefit from almonds. 

    3. Almonds and men’s bone health

    Just like women, men also need to take care of their muscle and bone health with growing age. When you eat almonds, you also supply various minerals to your body that are proven to promote healthy and strong bones. With its richness in calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, protein, zinc, and vitamin A, almonds are also known to avert bone disorders like osteoporosis in men. 

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    4. Almonds and men’s hair loss

    Another benefit of almonds for men’s health is that it reduces hair loss and hair thinning. These are generally caused due to factors like environmental pollution, stress, and lack of certain nutritional elements like magnesium, zinc, and calcium. These nutrients play an important role in making your hair healthy and lively. 

    Almonds, which are one of the brain boosters belonging to the nuts family, are what you need for good hair instead of those expensive hair care products. Apply 2-3 spoons of almond oil gently on your scalp and keep it overnight. It helps you with stronger, healthier hair with a dandruff free scalp as all its nutrients like vitamin E enter the scalp and fixe the conditions. 

    5. Almonds and men’s weight management

    Almonds could help men manage their weight in a better way. Almonds do have calories but they’re majorly in the form of healthy fats. A study has concluded that eating almonds minimum twice per week prevents weight gain in men. 

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    6. Almonds and men’s vitality

    One of the most significant health issues in men is sexual vitality. Though every man wishes to maintain his healthy vitality throughout his entire life, there could be issues and imbalances due to many reasons. Certain foods are known to help men improve their sexual health. 

    And guess who can come to the rescue in this troubled situation? Superfood – almonds it is. A man’s sexual performance is directly dependent on the testosterone levels in the body. Some of the essential elements in almonds support testosterone growth. Hence, it’s one of the foods that have been associated with increasing male vitality since many past years – probably ancient times. Men’s sexual health and hormonal reproduction are promoted with the help of zinc, selenium, and vitamin E content. Omega-3 fatty acids content in almonds aids in boosting blood flow in the sex organs. 

    7. Almonds and men’s smile

    Almonds not just benefit physical health, it contributes to a killer smile as well. If you wish to flaunt your healthy and attractive smile, men could pop a few pieces of almonds twice a week. Almond’s phosphorous, calcium, and magnesium content are essential elements for sturdy, healthy bones and teeth – promoting a healthy smile. It reduces the risk of bone fractures and helps in preventing tooth decay. 

    8. Almonds and men’s digestive health

    Almond skin consists of probiotic compounds which are known to ensure good health of the digestive system. There are a lot of good bacteria in your digestive system which help in digestion of food and converting it into nutritional elements. In the absence of these good bacteria, the digestive system can take a back seat, giving you digestive and other related health troubles. Almonds increase the number of good bacteria in your digestive system, and hence it can help in prevention of all these ailments with its rich nutritional content.

    9. Almonds and men’s skin health

    Who wouldn’t wish for a healthy and glowing skin? Be it a man or woman, everyone desires healthy skin. Almonds should be your go-to secret if you want good skin. Being a good source of vitamin E and antioxidants, almonds fight free radicals and bring down inflammation, ensuring your skin stays young-looking and healthy. Your skin gets damaged to a great extent due to factors like environmental pollution, harmful UV rays, and poor diet. Almonds have a high number of antioxidants like catechin, quercetin, isorhamnetin, and kaempferol which are known to fight this damage. These antioxidants are also known to prevent skin cancer. Apart from these useful antioxidants, almonds also consist of MUFA content, making them a great way to fight against malnourished and aged skin. 

    Almonds also lower blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels. So, all you men out there, now that you know some of the innumerable benefits of almonds for your overall body and health, make it a part of your diet chart today.



    Expertly reviewed by

    Dr. Ruby Ezekiel

    होम्योपैथी · Hello Swasthya

    Written by Nikita · Updated 03/09/2021

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